We provide solutions and services for all areas of automated dialog systems. You can count on our seasoned team of experts to ensure fast and precise implementation in every phase of the project.


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Voice Applications


Voice applications by atip GmbH enable you to use the full potential of automation in customer communication.

All services from a single source

VUI design, audio branding, grammar development, ASR tuning, dialog implementation and quality assurance: We offer you all services from a single source. This guarantees rapid development cycles and on-time rollouts. The audible result of this development process is a (cost-) efficient and user-friendly voice dialog system.

Tried-and-tested business solutions

In addition to voice applications tailored to meet specific requirements, atip also offers customisable business solutions for the financial, energy and transportation sectors.

Areas where our voice services are used include:

  • Caller pre-qualification
  • Order processing
  • Telephone banking
  • intelligent queuing for call centres
  • Virtual switchboards and telephone exchange
  • Speaker identification



Hosting and Cloud Services


The atip voice platform offers a total of 1,500 parallel voice channels connected to all reputable carriers and a connection to Germany’s largest Internet exchange point, DE-CIX.

Following a best-of-breed strategy, atip uses software products of internationally renowned companies. atip GmbH has many years of experience in operating SaaS clusters and offers you technical expertise and assistance in setting up an ideal cloud solution.

  • Highly available and fail-safe systems
  • Transparent and flexible billing models
  • No in-house infrastructure costs
  • 24/7 operation and help desk
  • Handling high peak loads through flexible scalability
  • Best-of-breed strategies
  • Seamless integration into any existing backend and telephony infrastructure
  • Connection to all common telephony and VoIP carriers
  • Staging environments for secure rollouts
  • Reporting and monitoring tools
  • Benchmarking

An efficient corporate structure and a winning combination of project management and expertise make it possible to rapidly implement your cloud service and swiftly respond to changes.


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Professional Services


atip GmbH employs market-leading Genesys software and assists customers in large integration projects. Its tried-and-tested implementation strategies make atip your ideal partner (also as a sub-project partner or in sub-project management) for the efficient and seamless integration of Genesys software into any given system landscape.

  • Assistance in creating tenders
  • Conception and design
  • Realisation and installation
  • Documentation and audit support
  • Consulting and training



VUI Consulting


Many existing applications have unused potential in terms of cost efficiency, user friendliness or satisfying design.

VUI consulting by atip aims to unlock and develop this potential in your ACD or IVR. Ranging from an initial analysis of the actual situation and consulting services all the way to creating a more efficient redesign of the existing application, our VUI consulting is dedicated to one specific goal: turning your voice dialog system into the acoustic trademark of your company.

Audio Branding

As part of the VUI consulting process, we assist you every step of the way to a corporate sound for your company, using voice, music and sounds to complement an efficient interface design.


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What does your company sound like?

Let us hear about it!


In addition to creating company-specific applications, atip GmbH is committed to developing its own innovative products and tools.

atip is currently offering a selection of software solutions from various areas of voice technology that can also be integrated into voice applications:


Our atip SDS (Interactive Voice Response System) offers a human-machine communication with the costumer without using rigid structures with an open process of the dialogue.

To ensure a customized and nearly natural communication between human and machine in your customer service center we offer a targeted consulting and a close customer integration during the design phase.

You can also adapt to changing frameworks and conditions with our web interface without involving external experts.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Polly Survey-Tool and Dialog configurator

Web applications for independent creation and management of telephone (customer) surveys.

Survey results are automatically processed and conveniently displayed in real time by the integrated statistics function. As an alternative to a call center solution without any expensive hardware installations or additional staff costs, this survey tool is an affordable and flexible way to improve quality management and customer service.

Activate/deactivate dialog or add (daily) information updates any time at the push of a button – changes take effect instantly without any external organisational effort.

More information on Polly survey-tool and its features is available on request.

Cloud ACD

A virtual infrastructure containing all relevant functions – including intelligent routing, voice portal, voice recording, reporting and monitoring.

The cloud ACD offers significant advantages over a local solution: It connects directly to existing systems in the workplace without requiring expensive hardware installations, and can be used across locations. Operating this solution as a hosted service and on a pay-per-use basis guarantees an ideal cost structure.

More information on Cloud ACD and its features is available on request.